Sample writing projects:

Sample facilitation projects:

  • Green Communities Committee. Facilitator for the Green Communities Committee local government working groups, gathering ideas to refresh the Climate Action Charter. Client: BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs
  • Baynes Sound/Lambert Channel Marine Ecosystem Forum. Facilitated advisory group meetings and the two-day forum. Client: World Wildlife Fund and Islands Trust 
  • Squamish River Ecosystem Restoration Plan. Facilitated a stakeholder meeting to discuss the Restoration Plan, prepared a summary of outcomes. Client: Squamish River Watershed Society.
  • Provincial Drought Debrief. Developed agenda, facilitated two-day workshop for provincial employees and prepared report for 2016 drought debrief. Client: BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
  • Species and Ecosystems at Risk Local Government Working Group symposia. Developed agendas and facilitated multi-day workshops for local government staff and elected officials (symposia in 2017, 2013, 2012, 2010). Client: BC Ministry of Environment
  • Ecosystem-based Management Indicators: Facilitated multi-stakeholder workshop to provide input on ecosystem based management indicators for the North Vancouver Island subregion. Client: Marine Planning Partnership
  • Environmental Mitigation workshop. Facilitated a staff workshop to review a proposed in-lieu calculator for use in environmental mitigation processes. Client: BC Ministry of Environment
  • Coastal Douglas-fir Ecosystems workshops. Facilitated several multi-stakeholder workshops to promote greater understanding of the shared responsibility for the protection and management of Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystems on eastern Vancouver Island; prepared summary reports. Client: BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
  • Food, Fuel, Fibre workshops. Organised and facilitated a series of multi-stakeholder workshops discussing an integrated approach to management of agriculture, forests and energy; prepared summary reports on outcomes. Client: BC Ministry of Agriculture
  • Public meetings on park management plan. Facilitated a series of public meetings to gather input for a proposed management plan for the Sea to Sea Regional Park; prepared consultation summaries. Client: Capital Regional District Parks
  • Public meeting on proposed waste facility. Facilitated a public meeting on concerns regarding the proposed siting of a compost facility in Shirley. Client: DL Bins
  • Public hearings. Organised public hearings on changes to a bylaw regulating smoking in public places. Client: Capital Regional District Health Services

Sample community engagement projects:

  • Emotive. Led the Emotive program on southern Vancouver Island, creating and supporting events to raise awareness of electric vehicles. Client: Fraser Basin Council and Province of BC
  • Tod Inlet SṈIDȻEȽ beach restoration project. Leading the public awareness program for restoration efforts. Client: Seachange Marine Conservation Society
  • Water Management Plan public consultation. Led the public involvement process for the development of a Water Management Plan in south Cowichan communities, including creation of newsletters, response forms, media releases, materials for open houses, and summaries of public meetings. Also led the public engagement process for the Cowichan Basin Water Management Plan. Client: Cowichan Valley Regional District
  • Wetland restoration public engagement. Led a community engagement process for the Maber Flats wetland in Central Saanich. Client: AquaTex Scientific Consulting, District of Central Saanich
  • Grizzly Bear management consultation: Supported the analysis of input received in response to a province-wide community engagement regarding proposed changes to Grizzly Bear hunting in BC. Client: Alan Dolan & Associates and Province of BC
  • Community engagement on parks and trails development. Led public engagement processes for the development of trail design guidelines for the District of Saanich, a parks master plan for the District of Highlands, a greenways plan for the City of Colwood, and a trails plan for Galiano Island. Clients: various
  • Community engagement on urban forest planning. Led the public engagement process for the development of the City of Victoria Urban Forest Management Plan, and a public consultation process for the development of a Tree Management Bylaw for the City of Coquitlam. Clients: various
  • Wild Salmon Policy and Salmonid Enhancement Program consultations: Organised and facilitated a series of community forums/open houses throughout British Columbia. Client: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Trans Canada Trails consultations. Organised and facilitated a series of community forums/open houses throughout British Columbia. Client: BC Land Use Coordination Office

Sample meeting, conference and event projects:

  • College of Applied Biology annual conferences. Supported College conferences, including volunteer management and program design. Client: College of Applied Biology 
  • Environmental Law Conference. Organised a two-day conference for environmental lawyers, including agenda, speakers, social events. Clients: Ecojustice, West Coast Environmental Law and the University of Victoria Environmental Law Clinic
  • Water in the City conference. Organised a highly successful bi-national conference on water in urban and rural communities, including trade show, stewardship fair, conference agenda (working with the Steering Committee), field trips and pre-conference events. Client: Capital Regional District Water Services
  • Headwaters to Deepwaters II conference: Organised a conference on the ecological health of the Saanich Inlet, including a research symposium, community stewardship fair and art show celebrating the Inlet. Clients: Peninsula Streams, Seachange Marine Conservation Society, Saanich Inlet Protection Society
  • Green Living Expo. Organised a community event with more than 30 exhibitors to showcase “green” efforts in the West Shore. Volunteer project
  • Governance for Sustainability workshop: Organised the development of a workshop for senior decision-makers and leaders from Canada and U.S. to look at ways to improve the ways in which governments support sustainability. Client: BC Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management
  • Conference on Leadership and Innovation for Urban Sustainability: Organised bi-national event for government and non-government participants. Client: BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs

See also events listed under facilitation.

Sample strategic planning and policy development projects:

  • Strategic Planning. Worked with the Board and staff to develop strategic plans for the College of Applied Biology, Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast, Salt Spring Island Conservancy, Bike to Work Victoria, CRD Solid Waste Management Committee, Habitat Acquisition Trust, Fraser Valley Conservancy, Coastal Invasive Species Committee, and Coastal Douglas-fir Conservation Partnership. Clients: various
  • Outreach strategy. Supported the development of an outreach strategy for the Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast (MaPP). Client: MaPP
  • State of Environment Report for Cowichan Valley. Led team researching and writing the 2010 State of Environment Report for the Cowichan Valley region and a 2014 Update report. Client: Cowichan Valley Regional District.
  • State of Environment Report for Capital Regional District. Led the development, research and writing of SOE report (2003) and updates in 2005. Client: Capital Regional District Roundtable on the Environment
  • Urban Forest Stewardship Initiative. Co-founded a community-led initiative to develop an urban forest stewardship strategy for south Vancouver Island. Led the development of a mapping product that tracks changes to canopy cover and impervious surface cover over a 20 –year time frame. Volunteer project
  • Urban Forest Management Plan. Co-wrote the City of Victoria Urban Forest Management Plan, including working with staff and citizen advisory groups and leading the public engagement process. Client: City of Victoria.
  • Trails and park plans. Through consultation with local communities, developed trails/parks plans for District of Saanich, District of Highlands, Galiano Island, and Mount Work/Hartland mountain biking area. Clients: various
  • Solar Colwood. Led the development and implementation of the award-winning Solar Colwood program. Volunteer initiative